The Lab is committed to producing a series of publications related to its programs and exhibitions and, God knows, we're trying. Back when we first opened the doors of our new building, in 2006, a series of books seemed like a great idea, books that would elevate the conversation taking place around contemporary art, books that would bridge the gap between the academic community and the general public, glorious, fat books. Well, we had essays commissioned and articles collected and even green lights from respectable academic publishers. But we realized that that particular kind of book-lust was just the academic in us hoping to be taken seriously by serious people, even though we have a dog for a logo. And that's not what The Lab is about. So, for two years, we had the words "coming soon" on this page of our website, and that is simply shameful. We continued to produce our award-winning Lab Notebook, make short movies out of our public programs and write four-fold brochures (which only fold once) for our exhibitions, but we've always been searching for that right kind of publication that captures the rich, broad texture of culture we feature at The Lab. Now, we think we have it. We call it News From Labrador and it's part newspaper, part encyclopedia entry. Sounds boring, we know, but we think you'll like it. Check back here. Promise.

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