Lia Purpura

Dinner Invitation

It’s a can-do stone.
I crush stuff with it.
It forms a desire
for camaraderie.
Friend, you who have before,
grind with me now
and then we’ll eat.
Then we’ll have some games and stories –
the stone has to land with no sound
in the bole of a fallen tree in a forest.
The stone has brothers and sisters
and I am certain it hath a father.
I tend to the stone.
I could be exploded at any moment.
I bow and lick it free of onion bits
for I am very hungry.
The stone has grown large.
it has divided itself and given itself away
which is mythological and perfect.
What I thought might ruin me didn’t ruin me,
but I have not learned to know that each minute.
To whom it may concern,
thank you for the hamburger of stone
that reminds me:
of the abundance I have received,
I understand very little. Amen.