Amy Sara Carroll


Metate y mano—like scansion, horizontal, but able to hold in the imagination History’s vertical aspirations… Poco a poco. Nano a nano. Grind grief into the shadow. Of its former self: maiz(e). In a tortilleria, someone almost convinced me that blue corn resists genetic modification. I’d like to believe that not everyone has her price. “Los pueblos originarios” – a friend queried, “¿Un mexicanismo?” “No, neologically-speaking, the intellectual property of a broader constituency”— come to mind. Spacetime regenerates an Other’s spine (“el otro lado”), by-the-by, the shabby angle of History’s why? – access of evil. Un granito de arena… Mano a ‘mano—mete la mano. Hand to hand. Sometimes repetitive action’s a plan until the tool so becomes the Man, no ONE remembers separation’s how-to. (Shuck the husk of the hold.)

(text with photo)
Meanwhile in the middle of this culture of predicament, exhibit petit a: the material object